European Metal Tiles Roofing System Pricing

We are confident that our roofing system provides an outstanding value to our clients. We’ve realized that we would best help our prospective clients by being fully transparent with our pricing structure. So, below please find our retail pricing for our products. There are discounts available for distributors and contractors.


European Metal Roofing Tiles Type Gauge Price/Sq. Ft. Lead Time
Mat Grande Mat
Classic Tile 24 $1.49 $1.99 In Stock/7 Days
Balkanic Tiles 24 $1.53 $2.03 In Stock/7 Days
Gothic Tiles 24 $1.66 $2.09 In Stock/7 Days
Iberic Tiles 24 $1.66 $2.09 6 weeks
Romanic Tiles 24 $1.86 $2.30 6 weeks
Standing Seem (Hidden Fasteners) 24 $2.56 $3.04 6 weeks

Estimated Pricing for a Typical 2000 sq.ft.Rroof (using Balkanic Tiles / Mat):

Cost Estimated Price for our Metal Roofing Estimated Price for Architectural
Asphalt Shingles****
Estimated Price for other Metal
Roofing Options Available****
Materials Typical architectural asphalt shingle roof will cost between $4 and $7 per sq. ft. installed depending on the shingles used and the complexity of the installation (this includes removal and disposal of the old roof). Typical galvanized steel roof will cost between $7 and $12 per sq. ft. installed depending on the type of metal roofing used and complexity of the installation (Standing Seem, Hidden Fasteners, Metal Shingles, etc.)
Balkanic Tiles Mat - (2000 sq/ft x 1.53) $3,060
15% Reserve for panel overlap and normal waste ($3,060 X15%) $459
Accessories (Ridges, screws, flashings, etc - (approx. 40% of the above) $1,683
Total Materials $5, 202
3 to 4 days for a team of 3 people @ $50 to $70 / hour (depending on complexity) - 72 hours X 50$/h = $3,600; 96 hours X 70$/h = $6,700 $3,600 to $6,700*
Total Material + Labor Cost $8,800 to $11,900** $8,000 to $14,000 $14,000 to $24,000

* The removal of the old shingles is not required.

** This is just a rough estimate and the actual quote may be different. Also the pricing will vary depending of the type of roofing chosen.

*** The labor rates included above are only estimats and may vary significantly based on location, resorces experience, and complexity of the project. The labor will be performed by 3rd party contractors.

**** The prices for architectural shingles (installed) and other metal roofing options (intalled) were obtained through our research and were included as estimated priceses for 2020. These prices may vary significantly.