Gutter System

BILKA rainwater system consists of 16 elements perfectly bound to prevent rainwater to seep on the walls of the house. Each element plays an important role, which is why you may want to check that the rainwater system, you purchase or that you have already installed, includes all the elements shown in the picture below. Choose the color of the rainwater system that matches your house!

Gutter system – RAL 8017 – Brown

1. Gutter
4. External Corner
7. Gutter Hook 210
2. Downpipe
5. Gutter Joining Element
8. Twisted Hook
3. Internal Corner
6. Gutter Stop End
9. Gutter Hook 160
10. Combi Hook
11. Gutter Flange
12. Running Outlet
13. 60° Elbow
14. Downpipe Connector
15. Downpipe Clamps
16. Discharge Elbow
17. Funnel
12. Running Outlet