About us

BILKA USA company was formed in 2019 with the purpose of bringing one of the most successful roofing systems available in the world to the U.S. market. The European metal tiles roofing system is the premier roofing system in many of the European countries with millions of roofs installed across the continent. Our business partner, BILKA Steel, is one of the largest European metal tiles roofing panels manufacturers.

BILKA roofing system is a well proven European high quality metal roofing system which is expected to last over 60 years, has the ability to withstand most severe weather events, is environmentally friendly (partially made of recycled steel and it is fully recyclable at the end of life), have a great curb appeal, and has superior thermal properties.

One of our key goals is to change the common perception that metal roofing is an expensive roofing option for high end homes to BILKA metal roofing being an attainable and well-priced roofing solution for a larger segment of homeowners, including mid-level to high-end homes. We were able to do so by significantly reducing the gap between BILKA high quality metal roofing and the medium to high end asphalt shingles pricing.

The American roofing market it’s been dominated for the past 100 years by the asphalt shingles products. While there are some benefits to asphalt, metal roofing outperforms asphalt from every perspective, including technical, esthetical, and social/ethical (echo choice).

BILKA metal roofing system is also a cost-effective alternative to other traditional premium roofing products including standing seam metal roofing, slate roofing, aluminum roofing, wood shake roofing, cooper roofing, zinc roofing, composite roofing, and ceramic tiles roofing.

Accelerate the change!

We think it is time to accelerate the changes that have been going on in the past 10 years or so in American roofing industry. During this period, the metal roofing adoption is been on the rise; however, quality metal roofing systems lack affordability and are still perceived as premium/luxury products. BILKA USA’s mission is to change this perception by offering a high-quality metal roofing solution at a reasonable price point which we think will lead to mass adoption of the system in the years to come.

Our Focus!

Quality and an accessible price point are our 2 key promises. Our focus is to make a superior roofing product accessible to most homeowners.

We ensure the highest quality for BILKA products by using some of the highest quality 24-gauge galvanized European steel available on the market (sourced from Italy, Poland, and Sweden) and by using state of the art technology to manufacture the roofing components.

The accessible price point for our roofs is achieved by maintaining optimal supply chain and manufacturing scale, production automation, adequate expense management, and short distribution channels. Also, there is a focus on long term growth driven by a low margin high volumes strategy and on passing the savings obtained to our clients.

In conclusion

BILKA metal roofing products are now available in the United States. These products are expected to last in excess of 60 years, are budget friendly, are relatively easy to install, vastly improve the curb appeal of homes, are very resistant in severe weather conditions, are fire resistant, and are fully recyclable. These are qualities that recommend BILKA metal roofing system as a better option than most of the roofing solutions currently available in the U.S.